Happy Tudor Home Tour

Lifestyle bloggers Adam and Amber Ford are the team behind The Happy Tudor, a blog inspired by the renovations on their 1940’s Tudor style home in Knoxville, TN.

I personally love a good Tudor and was so excited to see a house with such incredible bones and outstanding features including original flooring and gorgeous woodwork throughout the home. It’s literally, so gorgeous. I mean, original exposed beams…does it GET ANY BETTER? So freakin’ happy such a fantastic house got snapped up by owners who could give it the right kind of TLC to make this gem really shine.

You’ve got to see it!

Said Adam about the process of deciding to purchase and renovate this particular house: 

“More than anything, I wanted the house because I felt this strong conviction that we were the two who knew best what the house needed to have a fresh life.”

I think he was 100% right, don’t you?

I feel like I could write a book about all the amazing ways Amber and Adam have really allowed the incredible features of this house to shine, while personalizing it with their own unique style. I recognize so many of their photos being passed around Pinterest too, so I’m not the only one appreciating all the hard work. 

Be sure to click over to their blog The Happy Tudor  (and on Instagram)  to see the incredible “before” photos to understand the huge task they had in front of them. You won’t believe the transformation!

This home feels so open and airy, maybe it’s all the exposed beams and tall ceilings, I can’t hardly pick a favorite feature, it’s like asking me to pick a favorite kid when we all know that depends on the day.

Maybe you can help, tell me what you love most about this house! 

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