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Celebrity Home Tours: Mindy Kaling And Her NYC Pad

Celebrity Home tours, Mindy Kaling edition!  The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows but to be clear, I’ve loved Mindy Kaling since her days as Kelly Kapoor (also, did you know The Office has its own wiki? That’s pretty amazeballs) so it’s perfectly acceptable for me to fangirl out over her MCM home after One Kings Lane helped her with the design of her New York City apartment.

With a Moroccan Midcentury vibe, this home feels a lot different from any of the other places she’s lived in the past. Her dad is actually an architect and loves Mid-Century Modern, Mindy grew up with a lot of Danish midcentury pieces in her home because of it. At 37, Mindy’s found herself gravitating more towards her dad’s style and preferences in her own home.

I love it because it’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you’d expect Kally Kapoor or Mindy Lahiri.

Designer Sally Gotfredson helped spearhead the project and coordinated with Mindy who happened to be working three time zones away during the majority of the process which actually turned out to be a bit of a benefit according to Mindy.

“I got to be surprised, like in a reality television show,” she says. “It was also great because I couldn’t micromanage, which would have driven everyone crazy.”

 The overall vibe of the home is super chic and simple, not overly designed and even a tad bit minimalistic which for Mindy feels important because elements of her life are so chaotic she can appreciate a lack of that in her living space.

Clean white walls make for a bright, blank space. Sally added in color and texture in artwork and textiles, warmth in the woods of the furniture and floors, and capped it all off with some pretty incredible statement light fixtures.

The partnership with One Kings Lane turned out to be a match made in heaven. What a fantastic mix of vintage finds with simple accents and a few bold design choices tossed in here and there. It’s safe and soothing and really, everything a boss babe like Mindy could ever ask for.

“I really learned from my past decorating mistakes,” says Mindy. “I would fall in love with a really bright specific color, end up painting the whole room that color, and get really sick of it.”

I super love Mindy’s style and Sally’s design here because unlike other celebrity homes I’ve seen, this one seems super achievable and like a real person might actually live here comfortably. Of course, I love all the gorgeous MCM furniture because I never met a Danish design I didn’t immediately want to hop into bed with and that’s the dang truth.

Are you down with Mindy’s MCM Moroccan vibe? Let’s hear it! 

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