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Celebrity Home Tours: Julianne Hough

Hooray for celebrity home tours! Julianne Hough is sort of a wonder girl with all the dancing and entertaining, and more dancing and then the dream wedding and hockey star husband.

And then she has this amazing house aside from all that, so I’d say life is pretty good. We caught up with the home tour she did for Better Homes & Gardens and all the amazing photos that came with it, scroll on through!

Never gonna stop loving subway tile, especially when it goes all the way up. The cabinets provide a great contrast and the color is pretty much perfect. Glass fronts done right, too, with pretty dishes on display. Style and function, my two favorite things. Also, notice the ladder and rail, such a fun element to have in your kitchen and a necessity for the shorties – Julianne is only 5’3″!

Julianne Hough home tours

Julianne wanted her home to feel like a relaxing refuge from her busy life. “Muted, earthy greens, browns, blues, and some yellows feel grounded and protective,” she says. “But I also love pops of color. They symbolize pure joy.”

Julianne hough home tours

Well hello to that raw edge single slab dining table, incredible! About her furniture selections she said this: “Rather than buying on trend, Jake and I were both attracted to things that felt timeless,” she says. “I like it when you can’t tell an object’s age, when you don’t know whether it’s brand-new or a century old.”

Julianne Hough home tours

Raise your hand if you’re a chronic rearranger…oh look, you have something in common with Julianne Hough! All of the side tables, chairs, and accessories were meant to be pretty interchangeable and fit in anywhere in the house. Designer Jake Arnold and architect Steve Wunderlich oversaw the project with Julianne calling the shots.

julianne hough home tours

julianne hough home tours

All the natural light in this house is pretty incredible and the classic design choices are timeless. I love that we’re seeing a lot more exposed beams and natural woods, feels so rustic and cozy.

julianne hough home tours

I’d be down to hang in this space anytime. An outdoor entertaining area with a working fireplace, totally legit! I like how the setting is intimate and perfect for a small gathering. Pass the charcuterie platter, there’s gotta be one of those, right? This scene is screaming CHEESE PLATE!!

Cheese plate or not, you have to agree that Julianne’s pad is pretty covet worthy. May we all take a lesson on how to do neutrals just right, so light, so soothing, a peaceful haven indeed.


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