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Celebrity Home Tours – Brooklyn Decker And Her Texas Ranch House Style

Brooklyn Decker takes us on a tour of her Texas farmhouse and funky, super fun style, all the best celebrity home tours ahead!

Brooklyn Decker is one of those unfortunate humans who seems talented and funny, smart and hardworking and good at just about everything she tries including being a business owner, supermodel actress, wife and mom and all that stuff.  Basically, we should hate her but we can’t. She seems way too rad.

May we all aspire to be so cool, and may we all put together a house that reflects our vibe so genuinely as Brooklyn did when it came to designing her Austin, Texas home.

Let’s have a looksie!

Brooklyn Decker Home tour

Decker and her tennis star husband bought this Texas style farmhouse in 2013 and dove into renovations, actually doing much of the actual work themselves. I love that!

Says Decker,

“We built a house seven years ago, and it was my first time doing anything interior-wise,” she tells us. “I tried to make everything go and pick a cohesive feel for the home. Now I go on instinct. It’s more emotional. Unless you have something very distinct in your architecture, I think there’s room to experiment and play. Picking things that you like instead of choosing a strict theme is the way to go. It tells a story. I sort of learned that the hard way.”

Funny story, I actually pulled this kitchen photo for another post about open shelving not realizing it belonged to Decker. This photo is making the rounds on Pinterest for a lot of different reasons, those barstools, the totally unique cabinetry, those shelves…so much to love and now we know who it belongs to!

Oh man, this kitchen is totally refreshing! The blue cabinets are such a fun departure from white and I love how she wasn’t afraid to mix up finishes and fixtures. She searched high and low for that specific marble for her countertops (because it looked like cookies and cream ice cream, hah!), and then chose the blue based on how well it set off the blues and grays in the stone. Brooklyn is also an art collector and I love the vintage vibe those framed pieces on top of the cabinets give along with the wood island and exposed beams. Normally, I’d advocate for cabinets going all the way to the ceiling but in this case, their lowered profile lets those beams really shine.

There’s definitely a lot going on here, but it seems like all of these different elements are getting along anyway. Teamwork, guys, it matters.

The custom dining room table is an heirloom, handmade by Brooklyn’s brother and the chairs were upholstered in serape blankets from Mexico she collected from various Etsy sellers. Seriously, genius and 100% unique.

I mean, if your husband is a former Grand Slam Champion, you should probably have a few trophies hanging around the place. I’m super into the fact that it’s just casually hanging out on a shelf and I especially love that it’s sitting on top of a Vogue Living book too. THERE MUST BE BALANCE IN ALL THINGS, hah!

celebrity home tours brooklyn decker

So many of her treasures have a story and some history behind them and she ties it all together with her signature salty sense of humor, look no further than the neon sign below to see what I mean.

celebrity home tours brooklyn decker

The neon sign by Donny Miller is just one of the many art pieces she’s collected throughout the home which basically speaks to Brooklyn’s ability to not take herself, or life too seriously.

celebrity home tours brooklyn decker“It’s very all-American,” she says of the style. “A lot of wood, a lot of denim, a lot of natural elements, with a sense of humor. I think when you walk into the house, you can tell we don’t follow any rules. I don’t even know what the rules are. I pick what I like, what I think works.”
I love it when a home feels like it’s really lived in and loved right and I certainly get that vibe, don’t you? If you want to see the full tour and get even more in-depth with Brooklyn Decker’s Texas farmhouse remodel, hop over to My Domaine and check it out! She talks about her random art collection and favorite artists  (“I just pick what makes me happy,”) and upholstering a Chesterfield sofa with a washed vintage denim, because why not?
As far as celebrity home tours go, Brooklyn Decker and her eclectic Texas famhouse is a total gem. Pick a favorite element! Hard to do, but as a mom to three boys myself, the neon “fart” sign rings too true. How about you? 

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