Art In The Kitchen – 5 Things To Consider


Art in the kitchen, let’s discuss. After featuring this gorgeous image from Chris Barrett Design last week on our Instagram feed, I’ve been spending an unholy amount of time thinking about it in part because it’s beautiful and also because I’m hungry. Someone feed me already!

Considering that the kitchen is a natural gathering point in a home, you think it would be a great place to display some art but for logistical reasons,  some people are hesitant to do that. Even still, I think the kitchen can be a great if unconventional, place to display some art as long as you make a few considerations.

art in the kitchenimage: Apartment Therapy

ONE: If your stove gets used on a semi-regular basis at all, I’d keep your art at a safe distance. Heat can be pretty destructive and it’s probably best to avoid altogether.  Unless your stove never gets used then by all means, hang your art wherever you dang well please.

art in the kitchen

image: Decor de Provence

TWO: Take a design challenge and turn it into magic. I’m talking about your tiny nooks and weird gaps in wall space. Consider that your personal challenge to make it your favorite spot in the house.

art in the kitchen

image: Lauren Liess

THREE: Don’t hang anything in the kitchen you can’t live without. Kitchens can get messy, it happens. The kitchen makes a great spot for your favorite thrift store score or swap meet find, don’t hang that piece you love and shelled out mucho dinero for anywhere near your kitchen. Right outside is close enough.

art in the kitchen

image: Hunted Interior

FOUR: Scale your art to your space. Have a tiny painting you love? Find a sweet little spot for it in your kitchen where it gets to be seen and appreciated it often.

FIVE: If you’re worried about damage from splashes or splatters, add some protective glass into your frame that way you can just wipe it clean if necessary, no harm no foul!

There’s a workaround for just about every design conundrum you can think of and art of the kitchen is definitely something you can work with. There’s always room in your life for more beautiful things, so why not add more of that to a space you spend so much time in any way? Makes sense to me!

What say ye, yay or nay to art in the kitchen? 


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